How it feels like

A family with several developmentally disabled children. Julia, 25, is blind on one eye and she struggles with autism. Julia was raped by her father when she was three years old and she was raped again when she was 14 by two teenagers of her school. Her brother Rico, 12, suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). His desease is manifested in manic eruptions. When he has such an attack he is likey to go for his mothers throat. Not willingly but Rico can't control himself at this moments. Ellen, 23, is also suffering from authism. Raquel, the youngest child, five years old, is the only one without disabilities. She knows exactly what she wants and Julia, who has a strong feeling of keeping her safe, is willing to fulfill all her wishes. "Raquel is our little princess" Julia says very often about her little sister.