Phenomenal Woman - That's me

„Looksies, no feelsies!“

That is the maxime in this business. Anyhow, people are easy in judging a woman who is working as a stripper. Charlotte Kristjansson, 33, works as a bartender, as a helper for handicapped people and as a Striptease dancer. Charlotte does not fit into a fashion model's size, but the power is all hers when she starts to dance. Men are following Charlotte out to her car; telling her they love her hips, her breasts, her arms, her feets. Women are asking Charlotte if she could teach them in the art of seductive dancing. She is married to her loving husband. They met in Iceland at her very first show as a Striptease dancer, where he worked as a bouncer. „I never take off my wedding ring, because I think this would be disrespectful to my husband. I got it ten years ago and I'll keep it on till I die“. Charlotte lives with her two sons and her husband in Copenhagen, Denmark.